Why is My Cat Wheezing Sneezing & Coughing?

Has your cat been making some noises while breathing? Something that might even distract her and keep her from sleeping. Has it also been interrupting her daily activities? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then you clearly need to investigate what is actually wrong with your cat. Wheezing can be a cause of a serious health issue. Since cats are highly sensitive and need to be looked after you should always have a vet at your back and call. But for cases where you can’t place your call and need some help, this article might be for you.

Cat’s have a pretty vulnerable mechanism just like dogs or any other pet animal you choose to adopt. They adapt to their environment according to the kind of support they’re getting. From changing their litter box to providing them a healthy air and environment to cope with, you should take care of each of their needs. Just like this, wheezing can be an issue that might have arisen from poor air quality or some deep rooted medical issue.

After the article below you might have an idea about what is actually causing such a problem. However, if the situation worsens make sure to immediately visit a vet for help and consultation.

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What does Wheezing Mean?

Wheezing is basically a whistle-like noise that your cat might make. It can be a tell-tale sign that your cat has some issues in its lower airways or lungs. Therefore it’s important that you pay attention to it and figure out what it actually is due to.

What are Wheezing Causes?

There can be multiple reasons for your cat’s wheezing. Cats have the habit of wandering around places they shouldn’t and might contract some kind of health issue due to it. Or with time, they might have developed some health issues that you couldn’t really tell until you came across this symptom. Some of these are mentioned here below:


Asthma is surprisingly one of the most common health issues that cats have. If you’re cat’s making some kind of noise like wheezing while breathing, chances are it’s asthma. If that’s the case you have to monitor and see whether it’s serious enough to need medical intervention. It’s a breathing issue that most mammals and felines develop around each other.


Wheezing might not be an internal medical issue as you might assume it to be. It can be a bunch of hairballs stuck in your mouth that is preventing them from breathing or even swallowing anything. Your cat might make noise that appears to be gagging, choking, or wheezing in general. They usually don’t stop until the hairball’s completely out. However don’t overlook the issue if no hairball comes out of their mouth, just call a doctor and see what the issue is.


Stress is the root cause for everything, be it for humans or cats. Cats might be in stressful situations which can lead to wheezing and making stressful noises. Just make sure to provide them with a supportive environment to live in.

How to treat Cat Wheezing?

Depending on the cause, your cat will undergo certain treatment according to the reason behind her cause. If your vet diagnoses her with asthma, you can treat it in several ways.

  • Steroid drugs: They might suggest your cat have steroids which are the best anti-inflammatory drugs for you. You can either inject them with it or add them to your cat’s food.
  • Bronchodilator drugs: These drugs are basically inhalers that you take in through your nose just like blue inhalers that asthma patients take. These will open up your airways and help you breathe more easily.
  • Weight loss: Since being overweight creates health issues for felines, it’s important to take care of your cat’s health. Make sure to let them go through a diet so they lose weight in record time.
  • Environmental changes: If the issue is due to asthma you can change up their environment by not using air fresheners in the house or avoiding smoking in the house either. That way nothing will interrupt your cat’s airways and will help her breathe more easily. However, for a highly effective procedure, you’ll have to give her drugs to take in.


Respiratory issues in animals are quite serious if they aren’t immediately treated or they get worse with time. Always go to the root of the problem and figure out how you want to take things. That way you’ll know you’re in control and don’t panic. Wheezing isn’t all that a serious medical problem, you just have to make a few changes in your environment so it heals through it. Just make sure to do all of it right so your cat recovers quickly. Keep her health as your first priority so they feel loved.

Why is my cat wheezing?