Best Tips on How to Use an Air Purifier for Maximum Benefits

Have you ever purchased an air purifier and haven’t gotten any satisfying results after using it? It’s likely that you’ve been using the machine wrongly. Using an air purifier isn’t rocket science as you might think it to be. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of all the instructions. However, many things aren’t mentioned in the manual you need to be aware of. Some tips like positioning the machine at a place with no blockages can help it achieve optimum performance. This way you’ll get your money’s worth without experiencing any failures.

Below we’ve listed down some of the most useful tips to use an air purifier. Take some time out of your busy schedule and skim through the details. You’ll certainly thank us later!

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Best Tips on How to Use an Air Purifier for Maximum Benefits

Top tips for using an air purifier to get maximum use out of it

Choosing the right air purifier for your space is just the first step in your journey to using the air purifier. It will enhance the performance of the air purifier and let you enjoy the benefits you reap out of it.

Best Tips on How to Use an Air Purifier for Maximum Benefits

  • Location

The most initial mistake you can ever make after buying an air purifier is placing it somewhere that creates an obstacle for the air to travel in and out of the machine. Always choose a place that doesn’t disrupt the airflow of the device. However, for that, you’ll have to study the design of the air inlet and outlets grills and according to that, form a proper space for the air purifier in your room. This kind of machine needs to have breathed space on certain parts of it. These include the top as well as the four sides of the body. The air circulates around these certain parts, providing the perfect regulation of air. These come in many sizes and should also be selected concerning the size of your room.

  • Flow direction

This is a trick you definitely need to apply if you own a proper air purifier. Airflow is a crucial part of serving the best air. It determines how well this machine actually works. Therefore, in order to have the maximum air experience one should place the air purifier in such a way that you get the most airflow. The flow of fresh and healthy air should directly have flowed somewhere where it is needed. If you’re the main character then you should place it nearby so you can experience more of it.

  • Don’t turn it off

Switching on a machine just one time until the air is exchanged only once is not enough if you’re someone who experiences allergies or other health issues. The machine should be on at all times to clean the air like you keep your house clean. Air purifiers manufactured these days are energy efficient so you never have to worry about power consumption.

  • Close windows and doors

During the filtration process, it would be pointless to clean the air from indoor pollutants if, with open windows and doors, the outdoors are completely open. Giving way for others to draw themselves inside your homes. Similar to air conditioning, keep all the windows and doors along with other leaky spaces close and sealed to get optimum performance from the air purifier. The amount of air coming in needs to be controlled in order for the filtration to work.

  • Change filters 

The key component of an air purifier is the filters. When you purchase the machine, make sure you read the manual and know all the instructions provided for the filters. It is essential for air purifiers to clean

  • Clean dust sensor

Many advanced air purifiers have built-in dust sensors that manage to count the dust particles within the air through a laser beam. This way they know how polluted the air is and then the appropriate fan speed and is turned on. Therefore, in pollen season or wildfires you should definitely clean the dust sensor lens because it can get extremely dirty. If it doesn’t get cleaned, it won’t work properly and provide the right statistics to the machine.

  • Use booster fans or air purifiers

Sometimes no matter how hard you use an air purifier your room’s air never seems to be properly cleaned. It might be because of certain places being blocked by different objects. The corners with flower pots can also be included. For this, you can use a booster fan that can circulate around the room and capture dust particles from every corner. But sometimes no matter how good the airflow is, the air purifier isn’t able to fully exchange the air. It can be because of the size of the room. If your room’s too large then use multiple air purifiers to easily exchange it with fresh air.

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How do I Maximize My Air Purifier?

Now that we know how to actually use an air purifier for maximum performance, we’ve got some do’s/don’ts you might be interested in while you’re using this machine.

  1. Whenever you’re trying to clean the air purifier or replacing the filters, always turn the outlet off before you dive into the process of cleaning. It can be quite dangerous when you forget to turn it off and find yourself being electrocuted. Be very cautious while dealing with electronics as it’s a tricky business.
  2. For your convenience, there are air purifiers with child/pet locks. This comes in handy when you often leave your kids or pets home alone. The babysitter can’t always be on alert and kids do find a way to mess things up. For this, make sure you keep the child lock on so that your pet or child cannot tamper with the options mentioned.
  3. Know that the air purifier isn’t a stand that you can put vases or books over. Whatever you put over it can block the airflow of the machine, making its functioning poor. Due to this alone, you should never put anything over the machine for maximum performance.
  4. Don’t keep the machine in a place where there are explosives, flammable gases, etc because these then, can damage the machine. They will compromise its performance and provide you with no output.

Conclusion: How to Use an Air Purifier for Maximum Benefits

Air purifiers are a large investment that needs to be used efficiently. You always have to be careful about how you use it. They are here to provide you with the best air quality, therefore; you should follow all the instructions on how to use it. The benefits that come with it are truly staggering. So make sure you follow all the instructions and use them effectively.