Can I Live in a House with Black Mold? Experts Opnion

Black mold is a fungus that can be harmful to your health if you inhale its spores on a frequent basis. It is feasible to live in a house with isolated spots of black mold as long as the mold is removed as soon as possible. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), black mold can pose serious health risks, particularly to persons who have had past respiratory problems such as asthma.

If black mold is exposed in high concentrations and for long periods of time, health problems such as wheezing and fungal infections can develop in otherwise healthy persons. Our homes are our one and only sanctuary that we consider a sacred place. If we’re not safe in a place like that, it can be incredibly frustrating to live. Your whole life might get disrupted and this is something nobody wants. That’s exactly why we’ve gathered some of the best ways you can prevent getting into these situations. The article below will be a huge help in providing you with knowledge about black mold spores.

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Can I live in a house with black mold?

Can I Live in a House with Black Mold?

What happens if your house has black mold? If you have black mold in your house, you’re bound to suffer. It also depends on the duration of exposure and the amount of mold accumulated in your house. If both of these things escalate, you’ll definitely grow health issues that you never even had a chance of growing. Respiratory and breathing issues can be developed. Mold spores that are black can also be irritating and act as allergens to your body. However, it depends upon the sensitivity and tolerance of your body to actually suffer through something like this. After some time of being exposed to it, you’ll definitely develop an allergic reaction to it. Someone whose immune system is extremely weak will develop health issues faster than those who have a strong one.

One of the things that escalate the process is the musty smell that usually accompanies the black mold spores in your house. This smell along with the mold spores will develop issues like coughing, wheezing, and breathing issues. This is what you can expect if you are exposed to black mold spores for too long.

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What’s the time duration for staying in a house like that?

The length of time a person can stay in a residence with black mold is mostly determined by his or her level of sensitivity. Other factors, such as the degree of mold exposure, do, however, influence how long someone may stay in such an environment.

In a nutshell, as little time as feasible. The longer you’re exposed to black mold, the more likely it is to cause health problems. The degree of mold exposure also determines how long one can stay in a black-mold infested house. Mild exposure is normally a situation where a rather healthy person is exposed to little amounts of black mold.

Severe exposure on the other hand is used to describe a situation where huge quantities of black mold are exposed to an immune-compromised person. One can therefore last longer under mild exposure than they can under its severe counterpart.

Does black mold make you tired?

There’s no doubt that black mold triggers your immune system and loads it into action. This is something everybody must be ready for. One of the signs that you are being affected by black mold is basically if you’ve been feeling tired at your home. If you’re not sure that it is from black mold, just get out of the house for a few days and you’ll immediately be able to tell if that’s the case. Many researches have proved that there’s a relation between mold exposure and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Black mold spores gradually produce minuscule spores into your lungs, triggering an immune system response. These particles are extremely hard to defend your body against. The more you are in the presence of such particles, your body life will be more strained. This way you’ll eventually develop allergies. If you have a background history of allergies and respiratory issues, you’ll be more at risk of developing such issues.

One of the most prevalent toxic mold symptoms is exhaustion. Breathing in spores can induce breathing problems, and irregular breathing is one of the main causes of sleep apnea. Mold-induced sleep apnea may be to blame if you can’t sleep through the night and are constantly catching your breath. So, if you’re always sick and want to snooze, it’s possible that it’s not a bug spreading around the office. It’s possible that black mold is hiding in your walls.

How can it be prevented?

If you notice that you have black mold spores in your house, you can’t just decide to move out. That’s not quite easy and is an extreme course of action to this problem. There are a number of ways you can prevent black mold spores from developing in your body. These include:

  • Immediate repairing of leaks in your house can eventually reduce the amount of dampness plaguing it.
  • If there are any wet surfaces or damp walls, just keep wiping them down. This way you can easily get down to the business of dealing with things like these. The area will instantly become dry and you won’t have to take extra measures.
  • If the situation is extremely bad, purchase a dehumidifier. It will definitely take away all those water vapors from your house. You’ll be able to tell the results from that.
  • Take care and thoroughly clean rooms that are prone to having a lot of water accumulated within them. You should do this by cleaning it away with anti-fungal products that are extremely dangerous for you.
  • Any rooms in your house that are spare and aren’t used all that much, should be cleaned all the time so no amount of dampness gets stuck there.

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The health of your family is jeopardized if you are exposed to black mold. The consequences of black mold are particularly dangerous to those who have pre-existing respiratory disorders, but it is damaging to everyone.

Even if there is no black mold in your home, follow the prevention strategies to increase your chances of keeping it clean. Because you never know you can always get yourself into such situations without even being aware of it.