Why Does My Shark Robot Keep Stopping? Check out Solves of the Problem!

Is your Shark Robot Vacuum malfunctioning in the middle of the cleaning session? Are your searches filled with, “Why does my Shark robot keep stopping?!”. Then this guide is for you.

Let’s dive into the details!

Quick Answer

Shark robot vacuums operate efficiently on their own. But there are instances when they stop moving in the middle of the vacuuming session. 

It might be because:

  1. There is an obstacle in its path.
  2. Its components have something stuck in them.
  3. Dust obstructs the sensors.

Whatever the case, I’ll walk you through a detailed guide to understand the reasons why your Shark robot vacuum keeps stopping and effective solutions to help you fix it in no time. 

By the end of this article, your Shark robot vacuum will be running around like brand new. Let’s first find out why your Shark robot vacuum is stuck!

Reasons The Shark Robot Vacuum Is Stuck 

Here are the top reasons why your Shark robot vacuum cleaner is stuck:

  1. There is an obstacle in its path.
  2. It gets stuck in between furniture, like the legs of a chair.
  3. The front wheel has something stuck in it.
  4. Dirt and debris have clogged up the components, sensors, or charging surface.
  5. Its dustbin is full and needs emptying.
  6. The battery is misplaced or worn out.
  7. Software issues, like memory being out of storage.
Reasons The Shark Robot Vacuum Is Stuck

How To Fix When A Shark Robot Vacuum Keeps Stopping?

You now know there are various reasons why your Shark robot vacuum keeps stopping. Here are the seven ways you can fix it. Make sure you do a factory reset only when the first five solutions do not work.

1. Check For Obstructions 

When your Shark robot vacuum stops in the middle of the cleaning session, start by looking for obstacles in its route.

Bumping Into Objects

Observe its cleaning path and see if there are any obstructions in its way that do not let it reach the base station. Maybe some object is cluttering the floor like a toy or a bag.

Why Does My Shark Robot Keep Stopping? Check obstacles

Additionally, inspect if the front wheel moves freely. Also, check if the dock and spotlights are bright enough for strong IR signals.

Solution: Declutter the floors before the cleaning session.

Getting stuck in furniture

Check if the robot gets caught in the legs of a chair or the underside of a table.

Getting stuck in furniture
Solution: Put boundary tapes around the furniture to restrict the robot from running into them.

Lighting issues

Shark robot vacuum uses IR signals to navigate. These signals ensure the robot does not: 

  • Fall off stairs.
  • Bump into walls.
  • Collide with furniture.

If your floor or carpet is dark, the robot will have trouble navigating over them due to weak IR signals.

Solution: Fix the lighting over dark surfaces. Inspect if something is stopping the robot or if it is stopping on its own. If it is the latter case, keep reading to find the solution.

2. Inspect Shark Robot Bumper

The bumper is the semi-circular component at the front of the Shark robot vacuum. Cliff and boundary sensors are located at its back. If the front bumper is misplaced, or dust clogs the sensors, the Shark robot vacuum will have trouble functioning.

Inspect Shark Robot Bumper

How to Fix the Shark Robot’s Bumper 

  1. Flip the Shark robot vacuum upside down.
  2. Locate the bumper at the front end.
  3. Remove the screws with the screwdriver.
  4. Take out the upper and lower bumper components.
  5. Check if there is any damage to the bumper.
  6. Fit them together and keep them aside.
  7. Clean the cliff and boundary sensors with a dry cloth.
  8. Fit the bumper back into its place.

If there is no issue with the bumper, something else is out of place. Let’s find out.

3. Clean Robot Bin And Filters

Shark vacuums have removable bins and filters. When the dustbin is crammed full, it will stop working until emptied. Similarly, if the filter is clogged, the Shark robot vacuum will not function until it is cleaned.

Clean Robot Bin And Filters

How to Empty the Shark Vacuum Bin

  1. Press the power switch to turn off the robot.
  2. Remove the dust bin by pressing the dust bin release button at the end of the robot.
  3. Pinch the two slots located at the center of the dustbin to open the lid.
  4. Empty the dustbin contents in a trashcan.
  5. Clean it with a cloth.
  6. Close the lid.

How to Clean the Filter

  1. The filter is located inside the dustbin.
  2. Remove it using the pull tag.
  3. Hold it above the trashcan and lightly tap it to remove the dust and debris.
  4. Clean it with a dry cloth.
  5. Sloth it back in the dustbin.
  6. Install the dustbin back into the Shark robot vacuum.

After you turn on the robot, it will start cleaning without a problem. If it does not, you need to clean the brush roller.

4. Clean The Brush Roller

During cleaning, pet hair, dirt, and debris get stuck in the brush roller. With time, the brush roller gets clogged up to such an extent that it has trouble rolling. Regular maintenance of the clogged brush roller is a must.

Clean The Brush Roller

Many users miss a vital step while cleaning the main brush roll. I’ve highlighted it below for you.

How to Clean the Brush Roller

  1. Switch off the Shark robot and flip the device upside down.
  2. Take out the cap over the main brush roll.
  3. Remove the screws on the sides of the cylinder brush.
  4. Pull out the brush roller.
  5. Cleaning bristles can be a task. Cut the hair stuck in them with a scissor and clear dirt and debris.
  6. Remove the yellow square tip at the end of the brush roller and clean the hair wrapped around the gear.
  7. Place the brush back into the Shark robot.
  8. Tighten the screws and install the cap.

How to Clean the Side Brush

  1. Remove the two side brushes by pulling them upward.
  2. Clean them and inspect them for damages.
  3. Slot them back into the Shark vacuum cleaner.

Switch on the Shark robot and send it on a cleaning session. See if this method worked. If the main brush roller or side brushes are worn out, you need to replace them. There is an important step we missed out in the above process. Let’s see what it is.

5. Apply Lubrication

Suppose you cleaned the brush gear, and the roller worked well for some time before acting up again. Pet hair and dust dry up the brush roll gear making it hard to rotate. You need to lubricate the brush motor for smoother functioning.

How to Lubricate the Brush Roll Gear

  1. Remove the yellow square tips at the end of the main brush roller.
  2. Clean it of hair and debris.
  3. Apply some oil to the metal gears.
  4. Assemble the brush roll and install it into the Shark robot.

If your Shark robot is still in the same condition as when we started, your last option is to reset your Shark.

6. Reset Your Robot Vacuum

You need to resort to the factory reset option if there is a software issue or the memory is out of storage. 

Two ways to do a factory reset: 

  1. Using the Shark Clean app.
  2. Manually using the robot button.

You can carry out a factory reset quickly within a minute. But you risk losing a great deal of data.

Reset Your Robot Vacuum

How to Reset Shark ION robot vacuum

I have put together a detailed guide on “How to reset the Shark ION robot vacuum“. Although it is for the Shark ION robot, you can use it to reset any Shark robot vacuum.

7. Call For Help

If you tried all the solutions above and the robot still does not work, you need professional help. Reach out to the Shark Support team and relay the problem to them.


Why does my Shark robot keep beeping?

Shark robot vacuums beep when the charging process starts. If the robot keeps beeping, it means the charging process restarts repeatedly. It indicates an issue in the battery, charging surface, dock, or socket.

Why does my Roomba stop after a few minutes?

If your Roomba stops after a few minutes, it must be low on battery. Try charging it. If it still malfunctions, you need to replace the battery or reset the vacuum.


To wrap it up, if your Shark robot vacuum keeps stopping remove obstructions from its path, clean the components and sensors, and empty the dustbin. As a last resort, do a factory reset. If nothing works, ask for professional help.

I hope your Shark robot vacuum is running efficiently.

What was the issue with your Shark robot, and which step helped you solve the problem? Please comment below.