How To Reset the Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner Step-By-Step Guide

Shark ION is a smart robot vacuum cleaner that operates automatically. The user does not have to do much. But what if it starts malfunctioning? Then, it is crucial to know how to reset the Shark ION robot. You can also try a few alternate solutions before resolving to a hard reset.

Let’s dive into the details.

Quick Answer 

When your Shark ion robot vacuum starts malfunctioning, you can try alternate troubleshooting solutions before opting for a factory reset. Consider a reset only as a last resort since it erases the data. 

There are two ways to reset a Shark robot vacuum device:

  1. Using the Shark Clean app
  2. Manual reset using the power button

Keep reading to find the step-by-step guide for both methods. I have also mentioned alternate troubleshooting solutions for common problems.

When To Reset the Shark ION Robot 

You should reset the Shark vacuum if it:

  • Has Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Fails to follow cleaning schedules
  • Has trouble finding the docking station
  • Leaves out mapped areas
  • Keeps spinning
  • Does not clean debris, dirt, and pet hair
  • Is purchased second hand
  • Starts cleaning randomly at odd hours
  • Is sold or lent to someone

Resetting the Shark robot vacuum resolves most software and technical issues. But it has associated setbacks.

What To Know Before Reset Your Shark ION Robot Vacuum 

When you reset the Shark robot vacuum, you will lose the following information:

  • Cloud data
  • Time zone settings
  • Preferred language settings
  • Wi-Fi passwords
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Home maps
  • Linked device information
  • App settings
  • Software updates

If you want to preserve this data, you can note it down. After the reset, you can change all the settings according to your preference.

How To Reset Using The Shark Mobile App 

You can reset the Shark robot vacuum in two ways. The first method is using the SharkClean app. To use this method, link the robot vacuum to the app. It is necessary for the Shark vacuum and the mobile device to share the same Wi-Fi network.

Follow these steps to reset a Shark ION robot vacuum using the app:

  1. Launch the Shark Clean app
  2. Go to the “Settings menu
  3. Select “Factory Reset option
  4. Click “Confirm” to initiate the reset procedure

The reset process takes a few minutes. You will receive a notification when it is complete. This reset method removes the vacuum cleaner from the app itself. It also erases all the data from the cloud. If you do not want to lose complete data, go for a manual reboot using the power button.

How To Reset Using The Shark Mobile App 

How To Reset Manually

If the Shark ION robot has a problem connecting to the Wi-Fi or the app, you can manually reset it using the power button. 

Follow these steps to reset the Shark vacuum manually:

  1. Flip the robot vacuum upside down
  2. Locate the power switch
  3. Press down on the power switch for 10 seconds to turn off the vacuum
  4. Wait for a few seconds to power it back on

This method carries out a partial reset. You will not lose data from the cloud, like login details, maps, and schedules.

You can follow these same steps to manually reset the Shark IQ robot vacuum and other Shark robots.

How To Reset the Shark ION Robot Manually

What Is A Factory Reset? 

When you buy a Shark robot vacuum, it comes with in-built default settings set by the manufacturer.

When you use the vacuum, you can make personalized changes like setting cleaning zones and schedules. During the first few cleaning sessions, the robot saves maps of your floor plan. These maps make navigation easier for future sessions. All this data is saved in the robot’s memory.

Reasons to reset Shark Robot

Shark robot malfunctions when:

  1. The vacuum has to perform too many functions at once.
  2. Some features do not work well together.
  3. The memory is full and it cannot process additional data. It leads to below-par performance.

This is where factory reset comes into the picture. Hard reset changes the settings of the Shark vacuum back to the factory settings.

What Data Does Factory Reset Erase

The quick reset is the most popular solution to resolve any Shark vacuum issue, but it has its downsides.

It erases data like:

  • Language and time zone settings
  • Wi-Fi passwords
  • Cloud data
  • Linked devices and applications
  • Maps and preset schedules

You will need to make customized settings from square one, like connecting the vacuum to the Wi-Fi, adding it to the Shark app, creating schedules, etc. The Shark vacuum has to again go through the process of mapping out your house.

Two Ways To Do A Factory Reset

As shared earlier, there are two ways to do a factory reset:

  1. Using the Shark Clean app
  2. Resetting manually using the power button

Let’s see when to do a factory reset.

When To Do A Factory Reset

Factory reset is done in three main cases:

  • Before giving it to someone else
  • Wi-Fi connection issues
  • Software glitches
  • Other miscellaneous issues

I will walk you through each one of them in detail.

Before Giving It To Somebody Else 

You must do a factory reset before reselling or lending the vacuum cleaner to someone, because:

  1. Even though the Shark robot vacuum does not hold confidential information, it still has your e-mail address and maps of your home.
  2. Resetting your robot vacuum to factory settings is a precautionary measure. Better safe than sorry.

Resetting will also benefit the new owner. They will not have to reset the vacuum themselves. They can start anew with the default settings and customize them according to their preference.

When To Do the Shark Robot Factory Reset

When The Shark ION Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connection is crucial for a smart robot like Shark ION. When you try connecting it to the Wi-Fi for the first time, it will take you a few attempts. The router must have the recommended frequency, and the Shark robot must be within the frequency radius.

If initially or later on, the Shark robot has issues connecting to the Wi-Fi, there might be a problem with the router or the vacuum itself.

When The Shark ION Robot Vacuum Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

How to connect the Shark robot to the Wi-Fi

  • Step 1: Restart the Shark vacuum and the router
  • Step 2: Disconnect and re-enter the Wi-Fi details
  • Step 3: Do a Manual reset. Don’t go for a reset without first trying the above two steps

Software Issues, Such As Shark ION Robot App Not Working 

When you try to control the Shark vacuum through the Shark app, but it does not follow the instructions, there are two possible reasons for it:

  1. Software issue
  2. Memory is out of storage

Solution 1: Try updating to the latest version to resolve the software issue.

Solution 2: If the memory is full, a factory reset is the only solution. It will erase temporary data and free up space.

Other Issues

Shark robot vacuums might malfunction because of a specific error code. If you want to know about the error codes, you can refer to the Shark vacuum manual or visit the Shark clean website. You can also contact customer support for further help.

Common Problems With Shark Robot And Alternate Solutions To Fix Them 

If you do not want to lose all the data, try these methods to fix your robot vacuum before going for a factory reboot.

My Shark Robot Vacuum Won’t Turn On

There are a few reasons why your Shark robot won’t turn on:

  • The charging station has some issues
  • The filter, brush roll, or side brush are clogged up
  • The battery needs a replacement

You need to find the root cause of the problem and fix it.

If you are looking for a detailed solution, check out my guide “My Shark robot vacuum won`t turn on“.

Shark ION Robot Not Charging 

The charging surface is on the lower side of the Shark vacuum. While cleaning, debris may obstruct the surface. Clean the surface with a dry cloth.

If this does not solve the problem, I recommend looking at my in-depth article “Shark ION robot not charging“, where I have listed all the possible solutions to this problem.

Why Does My Shark ION Robot Keep Stopping 

If your Shark vacuum keeps stopping, there may be an obstacle in its path or something must be stuck in the wheels that do not let them move freely. Check if there are any damages to the wheels.

If this does not help, go through my detailed article “Why does my Shark robot keep stopping“, where I’ve listed all the probable reasons why this can happen.


I hope now you know how to reset the Shark ION robot easily. Follow the mentioned steps, and you will have your vacuum running in no time. Though, it is advisable to try the alternate troubleshooting solutions first.

What problem did you encounter with your Shark robot and how did you solve it? Please comment below.