Best Place to Put an Air Purifier: 7 Essential Advice

Have you ever wondered where the best place to put an air purifier is? You are not alone as many people face a similar dilemma. Fortunately, this article will cover the great most efficient device positionings. Let’s dive into the details!

Quick Answer

When it comes to air purification, location is everything. To get the most out of your appliance, you need to put it in the optimal place. Also, there are a few important actions you need to do. They include:

  • The central positioning of the air purifier.
  • Adjusting it and ensuring no object obstructs the airflow.
  • Install it on a level and stable surface.
  • Put it near the main cause of air pollution.

Continue reading and learn more about how placing an air purifier can affect its functionality.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Installation Location for Most Air Purifiers

To optimize the efficiency of your air purifier, it’s important to find a central location where it can purify the air in every corner of your space. On top of this, below are the seven essential rules to consider when choosing the best air purifier positioning.

Best Place to Put an Air Purifier

Rule 1: Place the Purifier Away From Electronic Devices

When it comes to air purifier placement, it’s essential to remember the importance of keeping them away from electronic devices:

Rule 1_ Place the Purifier Away From Electronic Devices

  • This equipment can interfere with their functionality by producing electromagnetic fields that could affect their sensors.
  • To prevent this, you should maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between your purifier and other electronic devices.
  • This will not only ensure high purification but also prevent any potential safety hazards that may arise from combining the two.

Rule 2: Keep the Purifier Away from High Humidity Areas

Most air purifiers are not designed to work effectively in areas with high humidity levels:

Rule 2_ Keep the Purifier Away from High Humidity Areas

  • Moisture can interfere with the air purifier’s filter efficiency and even promote mold growth.
  • It’s best to avoid placing your purifier near areas such as the kitchen sink or shower room where humidity levels are naturally high.
  • Instead, look for a dry and cool location.

Rule 3: Ensure Proper Airflow for Maximum Efficiency

An air purifier’s efficiency highly depends on its air intake. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the appliance is placed in an area where it can receive as much air as possible without any obstructions:

Rule 3_ Ensure Proper Airflow for Maximum Efficiency

  • To ensure proper airflow, it is recommended to place the air purifier in an open and spacious area.
  • Items such as furniture, curtains, and plants can obstruct the flow of air to your air purifier. This can cause it to overheat and make it less effective.

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Rule 4: Remove Any Obstacle Around the Air Purifier

As we said earlier obstacles can impede airflow and result in poor air quality. Air purifiers need to operate in open spaces to ensure maximum efficiency.

So also it’s essential not to block the vertical movement of purified air with any objects.

Rule 4 Remove Any Obstacle Around the Air Purifier

Rule 5: Avoid The Corner Trap

Corner areas typically have limited airflow. Therefore, placing your appliance in such areas will restrict its ability to cleanse and circulate clean air across the room.

Rule 5 Avoid The Corner Trap

For proper operation of the device and maintenance of good air quality, you should consider other places. They must be with increased airflow, such as in the center of the area.

Rule 6: Follow The 3-5 Feet Rule for Efficient Air Cleaning

Installation of the air purifier should adhere to the 3-5 feet rule for optimal air cleaning:

Rule 6 Follow The 3-5 Feet Rule for Efficient Air Cleaning

  • It states that the device should be placed at least three to five feet off the ground
  • This will ensure that all air flows channels are in range and all the air intake passes through the purifier.

Rule 7: Position it in Areas With High Concentrations of Pollutants

For purifiers to work effectively, their placement in high-pollution areas is crucial:

Rule 7 Position it in Areas With High Concentrations of Pollutants

  • These areas include those near fireplaces, smoking, or high-traffic areas.
  • Ensuring optimal placement will lead to clean air quality in the indoor environment.

What Do You Need to Know Before Installing Air Purifiers?

Poor placement of an air purifier can significantly affect its performance and the supply of clean air in your home. It’s essential to consider several factors before installing it to ensure optimal performance:

What You Need to Know Before Installing Air Purifiers

  • Busy areas: Rooms that receive the most foot traffic, such as the entryway, require an air purifier to remove any ill pollutants that may enter from the outside air.
  • Pets: If you have pets that produce dander, it’s best to install an air purifier in areas where they spend most of their time, such as the living room or a specific pet room.
  • Asthma: If someone in your household has asthma, installing an air purifier in their rooms will ensure they have a constant supply of clean air to reduce allergic reactions.
  • Kids Rooms: Children need protection against respiratory infections and diseases. Installing an air purifier in their rooms will clean the air and eliminate pollutants.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen also produces unwanted odors like smoke and fumes. Therefore, it is vital to have an effective purifier that can absorb any impurities released immediately.
  • Smoking Areas: If anyone in your household smokes indoors, installing an air purifier will help eliminate the odor from their rooms.

Keep reading to find out how to place an air purifier to achieve the best results.

Choose the Right Type of Air Purifier for Your Room Size

One common mistake that most people make is choosing an air purifier that is too small for their space:

  • In this scenario, the appliance will be working overtime to try and capture all of the dirty air contaminants and may be unable to keep up.
  • On the other hand, if you choose a unit that is too large, you may end up wasting energy and money, as the purifier will be overpowered for your space.
Choose the Right Type of Air Purifier for Your Room Size

To ensure that you choose the right size, look for a unit that specifies the area of the space in which it can operate effectively. This information should be readily available in the product description or specifications.

Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Kitchen Air Purifiers

The kitchen is often the hub of activity in any home but is also a hotbed of air pollutants:

  • Cooking and baking can release a wide range of particles and fumes into the air
  • This can lead to poor indoor air quality and a less-than-pleasant living environment.
  • Installing an air purifier can help create a healthier and more comfortable kitchen environment.

But how to use the air purifier to ensure maximum effectiveness? Here are a few tips and recommendations:

Best Place to Put a Air Purifier Kitchen

  • Filters: Activated carbon and HEPA filters are ideal for removing cooking odors and other contaminants from the air.
  • Room size: You should consider the room size and total kitchen area. The necessary air filtration capacity is proportional to your kitchen size and the room in which you plan to use the appliance.
  • Avoid equipment: Keep your purifier away from other kitchen equipment. Electromagnetic disturbances can diminish the effectiveness of an air purifier.
  • Flat surface: Always put an air purifier on a sturdy, flat surface like a tabletop or stool for optimal ventilation in the room. This will help it perform better as a household air purifier.
  • Avoid overheating: Consider not placing your air purifier near the stove or oven, as this could cause the purifier to malfunction.

What You Should Know Before Installing an Air Purifier in Your Bedroom?

Imagine breathing in pure, refreshing air while you drift off to sleep. That’s the kind of experience you can have if you position your air purifier in the right place. By doing this, you can eliminate harmful pollutants and allergens that can disrupt your sleep and cause respiratory issues.

Here are some pointers for the ideal spots to delete air pollution in your bedroom, and choose the right air purifier location:

Best Place to Put a Air Purifier Bedroom

  • Near the bed: You can create a spot just beside your bed where you can place your air purifier. This will ensure that there is efficient airflow while you sleep at night. You will also sleep well every night. Particularly if you have respiratory issues like allergies or asthma.
  • Find more open space: Do not put an air purifier near tight spaces or walls that might obstruct the air distribution. You should position it at least a few centimeters away from any obstacles.
  • At the right height: To distribute the cleaned air more effectively, you should determine the air purifier location at the right height, such as a countertop. In this case, the air will flow into the device from all sides.
  • On a hard surface: For maximum stability, choose a flat and solid surface, such as a dresser, tabletop, or wardrobe. These places will guarantee it stays secure and also that it captures dirty air from all angles and evenly disperses fresh air throughout the house.
  • Areas without corners: You should not place an air purifier in corners of the room, where it might restrict air circulation and lose efficacy if you want them to perform better. Instead, place it in an unobstructed area that allows it to easily draw in contaminated air and easily release purified air.

Guidelines for the Best Place to Put an Air Purifier in Your Living Room

An air purifier is a must-have appliance for your sitting room since it effectively removes all stale fumes and airborne particles. However, its productiveness can be compromised if it is not placed correctly.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of having an air purifier in the sitting area.

Best Place to Put a Air Purifier Living room

  • Space area: When shopping for an air cleaner, it’s important to consider the dimensions of your family area. If the area is large in size, it may be necessary to use a series of smaller air purifiers to cleanse the air adequately.
  • Kind of pollutants: Your air purifier should be put on the floor or ground to effectively remove pollutants like pet dander and other ground-level particulates.
  • Equipment: Put your air purifier at least 15 feet from any electrical equipment, such as televisions and computers, as their electromagnetic fields can interfere with its proper operation.
  • A high-traffic area: This area increases the likelihood of the air purifier being accidentally nudged or pushed over. In such areas, you should prioritize utilizing wall-mounted air purifiers.
  • Best air purifier location: If you want pure air to be evenly distributed throughout a room, put the air purifier in the center. This will ensure optimal coverage as more air will circulate readily throughout the place.
  • Targeted purification: For this put your air purifier near the areas that potentially have a high concentration of pollutants. These places can include near the fireplace and entryways.


Should You Turn Off Your Air Purifier Before Bed?

You don’t have to turn off your air purifier before bed. Using it near the bedroom is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

Must I Put The Air Purifier Low Or High?

Depending on your preference, you can choose whether to put your air purifier low or high. If it’s not in direct sunlight, you can set it on a countertop to help filter the air.

For how many hours should one leave the air purifier operating?

While there’s no set amount of time that your appliance should be in operation, it’s important to note that not all air purifiers are created equal. To prevent overheating, it’s worth checking the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the recommended usage for your specific model.

Is it better to place an air purifier on the floor or the surface?

The placement of an air purifier on the floor or other surfaces is a matter of personal preference. While some may find that an air purifier elevated on a countertop improves its effectiveness, others may prefer to have it on the ground to pick up dust and dirt.


To enjoy pollutant-free and clean air, you must ensure the air purifier placement is correctly done. For you to achieve this, you have to consider every vital parameter, like the center, height, and the surrounding of your appliance, to ensure the air flow is efficiently circulating clean air. 

Ultimately, your needs and the layout of your house will determine the optimal placement for your air purifier. Please share your thoughts on what I should write about next in the comment section below.