Levoit 600S Review: Is It the Best Air Purifier for Healthy Air?

Are you looking for a full fledge Levoit 600S review? Your quest for truth ends here. Check out this detailed guide based on specs and features and find out if putting your money into this device is really worth it. Let’s dive into the details!

Quick Answer

From effortless control to whisper-quiet operation, this Levoit product will alleviate your poor air quality and transform your space. You will be able to experience the power of fresh air you have always dreamed about.

Now, let’s shed light on some of its remarkable characteristics:

  • Designed to cover a remarkable 635 sq. ft. of space, this exceptional air purifier is your ultimate solution for large rooms, living areas, offices, and beyond.
  • Equipped with a cutting-edge three-stage filtration system, the Levoit Core 600S sets the gold standard in purifying the air you breathe.
  • With its exclusive ARC Formula™, this air purifier tackles smoke, fumes, VOCs, and odors, ensuring every breath you take is a breath of fresh air.
  • Providing real-time updates on the air quality in your surrounding, with its array of smart features and intuitive control.
  • QuietKEAP™ technology lowers noise levels to a mere 26dB, immersing you in peaceful serenity while it diligently purifies your air.

Now, you may be wondering, this is enough for me to take that leap of faith. Well, brace yourself as I guide you through this in-depth exploration of the pros, cons, setup, installation, and performance tests that will help you make a fully informed decision.

Let the journey begin!

600S Detailed Overview

The table listed below is based on the essential specs and features:

Levoit 600S


Room Coverage:

(4.8 ACH) 635 sq. ft.

Time Taken To Cleanse The Large Test Room:

15 minutes

Purification Technology Based On:

H13 True HEPA filter with Activated Carbon

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):

410 CFM (697 m³/h)

Number of Fan Speeds:

5 – Sleep Mode, Low Mode, Medium Mode, High Mode, and Turbo Mode

Filter Longevity:

Up to 12 months

Power Consumption:


Approximate Energy Consumption:

$51.51 per year


12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 inches (31,3 x 31,3 x 60 cm)


13.7 lb (6,2 kg)




Levoit 600S Positives and Negatives

Levoit 600S

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this amazing air cleaner:


  • It can cover large spaces with ease up to 635 sq. ft.
  • Equipped with 3 stages of filtration to provide maximum protection.
  • Air Sight Quality Indicator allows you to monitor real-time air health levels.
  • A high CADR rating of 410, means it gets rid of a variety of pollutants with great efficiency.
  • Comes with the Vesync app connectivity for a seamless user experience.


  • In bright light, the control panel buttons are not visible.

Now that I have gone over the pros and cons of the device. Let’s move on to explore different parameters in detail:

Room Coverage

The Levoit Core 600S is not only a budget-friendly option, but it is also a powerful air purifier I have seen.

  • It boasts a massive coverage of up to 635 sq ft which is more than enough to handle any room.
  • 600S also has an impressive 4.8 Air Changes per Hour.
  • This incredible coverage ensures that your room air is properly circulated and purified every step of the way.
  • With a high CADR Rating of 410 CFM, you can rest easy knowing that every kind of pollutant in your home is taken care of.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this device in the given timeframe:

Air Changes



One hour


Half an hour


12 minutes

These factors combined make it a suitable choice for large bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Three-Stage Filtration System

The Core 600S offers the utmost protection to get rid of any pollutants in the air via its 3-stage filtration. Let’s check it out:

levoit 600s review filtration

  • Filter 1: The first filter contains a pre-filter to capture large particles.
  • Filter 2: The second is the HEPA filter to remove smaller particles such as bacteria, VOCs, and mold spores.
  • Filter 3: The third and last filter consists of an activated carbon filter to neutralize any odor including cigarette smoke, cooking smells, and pet odors.


One of the standout features of the 600S is its strategic air circulation system.

  • Equipped with intelligently arranged openings on all sides of the lower half, the device efficiently draws in surrounding air from every angle.
  • This comprehensive approach ensures that no pollutants escape detection, leading to a thorough purification process.
  • The meticulously designed grilles on the upper side of the device serve as the exit point for the purified air, ensuring its seamless release into your space.

Noise Level

One of the most important things I make sure of when purchasing is the noise level while the device is operating. You need a low-noise unit as your purifier will probably work around the clock to keep your space fresh and clean.

levoit 600s review noise

  • The Levoit comes with QuietKEAP technology to provide you with a peaceful environment.
  • This mechanism keeps the noise as low as 26 dB which is as low as a whisper.
  • At the highest speed, the noise amounts to 55 decibels.

Speed Mode

Noise Level (dBA)

Sleep Mode


Low Mode


Highest Mode


How to Operate the 600S: Smart Control Features and Indicators

The 600S has a multitude of options for the control panel which makes the user experience more friendly. These include:

levoit 600s review smart features

  1. Screen Lock: The screen lock button on your air purifier provides a handy option to prevent accidental changes to the current settings. By pressing and holding this button for three seconds, you can activate the Display Lock feature.
  2. Screen Off: Sometimes you may want to darken the display of your air purifier while still allowing it to operate normally. That’s where the Screen Off button comes in. By pressing this button, you can turn off the display, reducing any potential distractions or unnecessary light in your environment.
  3. Auto Mode: By activating this mode, your air purifier will automatically adjust its fan speed and operation based on the current air quality. It intelligently detects changes in the environment and optimizes its performance to maintain clean and fresh air at all times.
  4. Fan Speed: By tapping this button, you can cycle through different fan speed options, including low, medium, high, and turbo settings.
  5. Filter Reset: The filter reset button plays a vital role in indicating when the filters need to be replaced. When the time comes, this button will notify you, allowing you to maintain clean and healthy air in your environment.
  6. Sleep Mode: Sleep mode reduces the noise and intensity of the air purifier while still maintaining effective air purification. Enjoy a good night’s sleep with reduced disturbances, thanks to the sleep mode feature.
  7. Timer: The timer button allows you to set the desired duration for your device’s operation. By cycling through the timer options, you can choose the duration that suits your needs. Simply press and hold the timer button for two seconds to begin cycling through one-hour increments.
  8. Air Quality Indicator: Equipped with automatic sensors, this ring provides real-time information about the air quality in your space. The indicator communicates the current air quality level, allowing you to monitor and take appropriate actions to maintain a healthy environment.
  9. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Stay connected with your air purifier through the Wi-Fi feature. The Wi-Fi indicator light on your purifier provides information about its pairing status. You can turn the indicator light on, or off, or set it to blink, depending on the current connection status. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control your air purifier remotely, monitor air quality data, and access additional features through a dedicated app, enhancing your overall experience.
  10. PM 2.5 Display: Particulate matter (PM) refers to microscopic particles present in the air. The PM 2.5 display button on your air purifier is designed to show the levels of particulate matter. It helps you assess the air quality by indicating the concentration of these small particles.
  11. Light Sensor: The light sensor in your air purifier plays a significant role in automatically adjusting the device’s settings based on the amount of light detected in the room. By enabling this feature through the VeSync app, your air purifier can optimize its operation to maintain optimal air quality, taking into account the ambient lighting conditions in your space.

Sensors and Indicators

Details of some major sensors and indicators are listed below:

levoit 600s review sensors

1. Air Quality Sensor and Indicator

The AirSight Plus Laser Particle Sensor plays a vital role in:

  • Monitoring PM 2.5 levels.
  • Identifying the concentration of particles.
  • Real-time air quality monitor correspondence.

The air sensor comes with a PM 2.5 sensor to measure the levels of particulate matter in the surrounding. The light ring illuminates in various colors to give a visual representation of the air quality.


Air Quality


Excellent Air Quality

When the light ring displays a vibrant blue color, it indicates excellent air quality. This signifies that the concentration of PM2.5 particles is minimal, and the air in your environment is clean and fresh.

Good Air Quality

A green light on the ring signifies good air quality. This suggests that the concentration of PM2.5 particles is low, ensuring a satisfactory level of air purity.

Moderate Air Quality

When the light ring emits an orange color, it indicates moderate air quality. This implies a slightly higher concentration of PM2.5 particles, indicating the presence of moderate levels of pollutants in the air.

Very Poor Air Quality

If the light ring illuminates in vivid red color, it signals very poor air quality. This indicates a high concentration of PM2.5 particles, suggesting a significant presence of pollutants and allergens in the air.

2. Indicator for Filter Reset

The Filter Reset Indicator serves as a helpful reminder to change the filter when it becomes necessary.

levoit 600s review filter reset indicator

  • Located on the control panel, this indicator illuminates in red when it’s time to replace the old filter.
  • By monitoring the Filter Reset Indicator, you can ensure that your air purifier consistently maintains optimal performance and efficiency.

3. Light Sensor

This Sensor in the 600S is a sophisticated feature that offers various options to optimize its performance.

  • To activate this feature, you must first enable it through the VeSync smart app.
  • Once activated, the Light Sensor automatically adjusts certain settings based on the amount of light in the room.

In a dark room, the Light Sensor activates the Display Off option, dimming all the indicators on the device. Furthermore, the device will not use the High and Turbofan modes when in Auto Mode.

On the other hand, when there is sufficient light in the room, the device will revert to its standard settings, providing a balanced and customized air purification experience.

Exploring the Features

The 600S is packed with all the crucial features that should be present in a modern air cleaner. Let’s check them out in detail!

levoit 600s review features

1. Auto Mode

This is an intelligent feature in the Levoit Core 600S air purifier that enables automatic adjustment of its operating mode based on the current air quality in your home.

  • This mode takes advantage of the AirSight Plus sensor, which continuously monitors the air quality, allowing the purifier to respond accordingly.
  • By choosing Auto Mode, you allow the purifier to work smartly, ensuring that your home maintains the highest level of air purity.

By connecting the Levoit Core 600S to the VeSync app, you are able to unlock additional Auto Mode settings that allow you to customize your air purification experience. Let’s take a closer look at these settings:

levoit 600s review modes

  • Quiet Auto Mode: This mode employs low and medium fan speeds, even if you have poor air quality. By doing this, it is able to downplay noise production while effectively purifying the air in your home. This setting is s suitable for those who value a quiet environment and do not like noise disturbance.
  • Efficient Auto Mode: With this option, you will be able to select the size of the room. What this does is, adjust itself to turbo mode for a certain period of time to clean the room’s air based on its dimension. Once the air is cleaned, the device will change to a steadier speed based on the current air quality. Thereby maximizing energy efficiency.
  • ECO Mode: In eco-mode, the device will turn itself off completely once the optimum air quality level is achieved. However, it will continuously monitor the air quality, and if it senses a drop in quality again, the devices witches back on to purify the air.

2. Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is specifically designed for use in bedrooms or other areas where silent operation is required.

Levoit 600S Review: Is It the Best Air Purifier for Healthy Air?

  • When you activate Sleep Mode on the Core 600S, it automatically adjusts the fan speed to its lowest setting.
  • Turns off all indicators on the unit within 6 seconds, provided that no buttons are pressed during that time.
  • This feature enables you to enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed sleep while still benefiting from the air purifier’s purifying capabilities.

3. Timer

This function allows you to set a specific time duration for the operation:

  • You can set the timer through the Control Panel for a duration of 1 to 12 hours.
  • By using the VeSync App, the time duration can be extended from 1 to 24 hours.
  • The Timer provides flexibility and convenience in managing the air purifier’s operation according to your specific needs.

For more insights, check out this helpful video.

YouTube video

4. Screen Power and Lock

The screen lock is an incredibly handy feature for people who have kids.

  • By activating the screen lock, you will be able to lock in your desired settings.
  • Prevent any accidental changes one might cause.
  • Once the lock screen is turned on, pressing any buttons on the control panel will not change any settings whatsoever.

The screen-off feature allows you to turn off the display and dim the indicators displayed on the control ring.

levoit 600s review screen

Through this, you can:

  • Minimize distraction;
  • Avoid light disturbance while sleeping:
  • Conserve energy.

Build Design

Let’s explore different build aspects of this purifier:

1. Construction

The Levoit Core 600S boasts a sleek and modern design, carefully crafted to blend seamlessly into any setting.

  • The smooth rounded edges around its rectangular design exude elegance and sophistication.
  • The air purifier is divided into two main parts: the lower part houses the filter, while the upper part accommodates the motor, air quality sensor, and control panel.
  • The inclusion of carrying handles in the design of the Core 600S ensures easy mobility.
  • You can effortlessly transport the purifier from room to room, allowing you to target specific areas or adapt to your changing needs.
levoit 600s review build

2. Size and Dimensions

Considering the size and dimensions of the 600S is crucial before making a purchase decision.

  • This substantial air purifier weighs approximately 13.7 lb (6.2 kg) and measures 12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 inches (31.3 x 31.3 x 60 cm).
  • This ensures efficient air purification for larger rooms, but it’s essential to assess the available space and determine the optimal location for the unit

3. Quality and Aesthetics

Core 600S exhibits remarkable build quality, utilizing premium plastic materials suitable for its intended purpose.

  • The robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a wise investment in the long run.
  • The sleek rectangular shape with rounded edges adds a touch of sophistication to any environment, making it an attractive addition to your living spaces.

Operating Costs

The Levoit Core 600S air purifier is designed to tackle bad air quality while being energy efficient.

  • It has a rated power consumption of 49W during operation, ensuring that it operates efficiently without putting a strain on your electricity usage.
  • In standby mode, the Core 600S consumes only 1.5W of power.
  • This low standby power consumption contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the unit, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

Here’s a breakdown of fan speed and power consumption:

Fan Speed

Power Consumption (W)

Standby mode

1.2 W

Sleep Mode

4.1 W

Low Mode

7.3 W

Medium Mode

10.9 W

High Mode


Turbo Mode


To estimate the yearly operating costs of the Levoit Core 600S, I will consider both electricity costs and filter replacement expenses.

levoit 600s review operating costs

1. Electricity Costs

Based on the calculations, the running energy costs of the 600S continuously for a year would cost approximately $51-56 in electricity expenses.

It’s important to note that running the unit continuously is excessive for most users even with the energy star rating, as the air purifier is highly effective even when used intermittently or during specific hours of the day.

2. Filter Costs

In addition to electricity costs, it’s essential to consider the expense of filter replacements.

  • The 600S requires a replacement filter every six months, which typically costs around $50.
  • Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the pre-filter, can help prolong the life of the main filter.
  • Vacuuming or cleaning the pre-filter underwater (ensuring thorough drying before reinstallation) can be an effective way to maintain filter longevity.

Taking into account both electricity costs and filter replacements, the estimated annual cost of operating the Levoit Core 600S air purifier amounts to approximately $151.50 – $156.


The Levoit brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the durability of its products is known in the world of purifiers.

levoit 600s review warranty

1. Two-Year Standard Warranty

Levoit proudly offers a standard two-year warranty for the Core 600S air purifier.

  • This warranty provides coverage against any manufacturing defects or faulty workmanship that may occur during normal usage within the specified period.
  • With this warranty in place, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Levoit stands behind its product.

2. Levoit’s Reputation for Excellence

Levoit has created a strong reputation as a reputable brand in the air purification industry.

  • Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in the Core 600S and the warranty provided.
  • Levoit has built a considerable user base, thanks to their dedication to producing durable and reliable products that deliver exceptional performance.

Set Up and Installation of Your Levoit 600S

In this section, for you to understand is set-up complexity or not I’ll walk you through the necessary steps to prepare your Core 600S for effective air purification.

levoit 600s review installation

1. Unboxing and Preparing the Device

Once you receive your Levoit Core 600S, it’s time to unbox and prepare the device for use. To help you set up this device, I will guide you through what I did:

  1. I removed the device’s packaging from the shipping box, making sure that I handled it carefully.
  2. Peeled off all tapes and protective films from the device to reveal its sleek design.
  3. Separated the cover from the top of the device by moving it counterclockwise and gently lifted it off.
  4. Located the filter at the bottom of the device and removed it from its plastic bag.
  5. Put the filter back into the device, ensuring it is securely in place.

By completing these steps, you will have successfully unboxed and prepared your Core 600S for use.

2. Placing the Core 600S

Now that your Core 600S is ready to go, it’s time to find the perfect spot for it in your home. These are my guidelines for optimal positioning:

Placing the Core 600S

  • I placed the air purifier in the desired location, ensuring it is at least 15 inches (38 cm) away from the wall or other objects.
  • I avoided placing the Core 600S in corners or behind large furniture, as it may hinder air circulation.
  • Consider placing the purifier in an area where you spend a significant amount of time, such as your bedroom or living room.

Remember, proper placement plays a vital role in maximizing the efficiency of your air purifier.

3. Powering On Your Air Purifier

You’re almost there to the finish line! It’s time to power on your Core 600S and let it start purifying your indoor air. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. I plugged the air purifier into a power outlet near its designated location.
  2. Ensured the power switch is in the “off” position before plugging it in.
  3. Once plugged in, I switched on the device using the power button or switch.
  4. I saw the indicator lights illuminate, indicating that the Core 600S is now operating.

Congratulations! Your Core 600S will now actively purify your air.

VeSync Smart App

The VeSync Smart App is a versatile and comprehensive application that controls all Levoit purifiers compatible with it. I really like this app, read on to find out why!

Why You Should Use the App?

Let’s explore the benefits of this spectacular app:

  • Comprehensive Control: All of the Levoit devices you have at home are compatible with the VeSync. The application provides a single platform to control any unit you want from the comfort of your phone no matter where you are. You are able to manage a multitude of devices effortlessly in a convenient and unified interface.
  • Information and Notifications: In addition to remote control capabilities, the VeSync app provides various information and notifications. It offers valuable insights into air quality, filter status, and device performance. The app keeps you informed about the purifier’s operation and alerts you when it’s time to change the filter or take necessary actions.
  • Voice Control Options: The VeSync app blends seamlessly with popular voice aides like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Through voice commands, you will be able to control your purifier. This adds a supplementary layer of comfort and hands-free function.
levoit 600s review vesync app

Installation- Step-By-Step Guide

To begin using the VeSync app and connecting your Levoit Core 600S air purifier, I followed these steps:

  • Downloading the VeSync App: First things first, I downloaded the VeSync app from the iOS app store. You can do it from any app store. Ensure you choose the official app developed by Levoit for a secure and reliable experience. Now Let’s get the app installed on your device.
  • Registering and Logging In: After successfully installing the VeSync app, I registered using a valid email address and created a strong password to set up my VeSync account. Once I was registered, I logged in to the app using my credentials to proceed.
levoit 600s review app

  • Navigating the App Home Screen: Upon logging in, I found myself on the home screen. This is the command center for managing my Levoit Core 600S air purifier. Do take a moment to familiarize yourself with the options and features available.
  • Adding a New Device: As I was ready to connect my device. I looked for the “+” symbol in the top right corner of the app’s home screen. Tapped on it to access the “Add New Device” screen, where all detected devices were displayed.
  • Connecting the Air Purifier to Wi-Fi: Now comes the exciting part – connecting your Levoit Core 600S air purifier to your Wi-Fi network. I made sure you have my Wi-Fi password in hand. I followed the on-screen instructions provided by the app to establish a secure and stable connection between my air purifier and the app.
  • Product Naming and Room Assignment: To make it easier to identify and manage multiple devices within the app, you can assign a name to your Core 600S air purifier. Additionally, specify the room where the purifier will be placed. This way, you can effortlessly keep track of your air purifier’s location and performance.
  • Updating the Firmware: To ensure my Levoit Core 600S air purifier benefits from the latest enhancements and bug fixes, I keep the firmware up to date. The VeSync app will prompt you if a firmware update is available. Simply follow the instructions provided to complete the update process.
  • Device Integration and Home Screen: Once I completed all the necessary steps, I found the Levoit Core 600S air purifier displayed on the home screen of the VeSync app. This integration allowed me to access various controls, monitor air quality, and enjoy the convenience of remote management.
  • Accessing Controls and Monitoring Air Quality: With my air purifier integrated into the VeSync app, I gained access to a wide range of controls. Adjusted fan speeds, set timers, and explore additional features to personalize my air purification experience. Moreover, I use the app to monitor real-time air quality readings and keep my indoor environment fresh and clean.
  • Setting Schedules: Take advantage of the scheduling feature offered by the VeSync app. I create custom schedules for my Levoit Core 600S air purifier to automatically adjust its operation based on my preferences. Ensure you enjoy optimal air quality at all times without the hassle of manual adjustments.
  • Remote Management Convenience: Thanks to the VeSync app, managing my Levoit Core 600S air purifier has never been easier. I control my air purifier remotely, whether I’m at home, at work, or anywhere else. I breathe easy knowing that clean, purified air is just a tap away.

For easy understanding, you can also check out this video.

YouTube video

Is the Levoit Core 600S the Right Option for you?

Are you still contemplating whether to invest in the Levoit Core 600S air purifier? In my honest recommendation, I believe the 600S is one the best devices for your home. Here’s why:

levoit 600s review right option

  • Great Usability and Simplified Setup and Intuitive Controls: Users consistently report a fantastic user experience with this air purifier. The setup process is incredibly simple, ensuring a hassle-free installation. The controls are intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing you to adjust the settings effortlessly
  • Good Performance: The air purifier effectively reduces PM2.5 levels to as low as 0.4, indicating its ability to tackle fine particulate matter effectively. Furthermore, it removes approximately 89.4% of airborne particulates, showcasing its solid performance in improving air quality.
  • Affordable Air Purifier: Considering the competitive price point of the Core 600S, this unit cleaner can be considered a solid air purifier.

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What is the noise level of Levoit 600S?

The noise level of the Levoit core 600S is around 26 dBA (low mode) to 55 (high mode) dBA.

Is Honeywell better than Levoit?

The Levoit is better than Honeywell in my opinion, as it showed greater efficiency in the major performance test I conducted.

What is the ranking of Levoit?

Levoit is one of the best smart air purifiers having won places in several different categories such as performance, budget, control, and connectivity.

Who manufactures Levoit?

Levoit products are designed in the States and manufactured in China.


Considering its smart features, performance, and overall value, the Levoit Core 600S stands out as one of the best affordable air purifiers available on the market.

I highly recommend the Levoit Core 600S air purifier to anyone in search of a smart and powerful air purification solution. Its advanced technology, coupled with its ability to deliver cleaner and fresher air, makes it a top choice out of all the air purifiers for individuals seeking to improve their indoor air quality.

Levoit Core 600S Smart Air Purifier

Picture yourself breathing in pure fresh air. With this Core 600S, your mornings will be more pleasant. Ensuring comprehensive purification to get rid of airborne particles, coverage up to 635 sq ft, state-of-the-art QueitKEAP technology, and smart feature. This purifier will revolutionize your world!