Winix C545 vs C555: Which Air Purifier is the Best?

Winix air purifiers are the best in the market and provide excellent air quality. So, which air purifier is better, between Winix C545 vs C555?

Even though both devices offer many of the same features, there are a few significant variations that may help you choose which one is the best fit for your requirements. Let’s start now!

Quick Comparison Between Winix C545 vs C555

Between the two Winix model’s air purifiers, we advise:

  • Purchasing the Winix C555 if you want an air purifier with all control capabilities on the control panel and antibacterial-treated air quality.
  • Buy the Winix C545 if you don’t mind the basic Winix 4-stage filtration and want to access the device via Wi-Fi.

To learn more about the Winix C545 vs C555, keep reading!

Winix C545 vs C555 Air purifiers Feature Table

The table below gives a comparable breakdown of Winix air purifier models, Winix C545 vs C555

Winix C545

Winix C555


Hepa Filters:



Carbon Filter:



Washable Pre-filter:



Filtration Stage:

4 - stages filtration

5 -stage filtration

Timer Button:



Cigarette Odor Removal:




360 sq. ft.

360 sq. ft.

Anti-bacterial Treatment:



Germs Removal:



Allergen (Pet dander, dust mites):



Energy Consumption Efficacy:

65 watts

70 watts

Sound Controlling System:



Filter Replacing Option and Reminder:





Main Features in the Winix C545 vs C555

Take a look at the main features of the Winix C545 and C555.

Filtration and Activated Carbon Filter

Comparing Winix C545 vs C555, the former has a 4-stage system, while the latter has a 5-stage filtration system with a washable carbon filter. Fresh air quality is achieved through air filter design found in both air purifier brands.

Filtration and Activated Carbon Filter Winix C545

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Offered in the Winix C555 the anti-bacterial treatment by the presence of a washable carbon filter is what sets it apart. Winix CleanCel Technology is utilized in this stage.

Filtration and Activated Carbon Filter. Winix C555

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Apart from the auto mode feature, the following features can also be found in Winix C555 and Winix C545:

  • Washable Fine mesh pre-filter: large particles like hair, pollen, and lint are removed with a washable fine mesh pre-filter.
  • Activated carbon filter: This feature removes home VOCs and odors.
  • True HEPA filter: The true HEPA filter removes 99.9% of dust mites the size of 0.3 microns
  • Plasma wave engineering with carbon filter: It provides enhanced management of these contaminants by attacking them at the molecular level. It produces an acid, which destroys bacteria and the H3N2 strain of the flu virus in the air.

Winix C545 Video Review

Let’s take a look at the in-depth video review of the Winix C545 user:

YouTube video

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Winix C555 Video Review

Now we offer you the to check the Winix C555 video review:

YouTube video

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Auto Mode

An internal auto mode switch is present on the Winix C555 and C545, to regulate air quality indoors. In this state, the fan speed is changed to match the indoor air quality. This feature allows the fan speed to decrease if the quality of the air gets better as shown by the air indicator, and vise vasa.

Sleep mode

A sleep mode feature is available on the Winix C545 and C555:

  • As soon as the room is darkened, this sleep mode is initiated.
  • The feature enables such a low-noise operation that uses less energy.
  • Moreover, the sleep mode feature limits light emission disables the air quality indicator and dims the LED lights.


Both Winix C545 and C555 air purifiers have an ACH rating of 4x. To circulate fresh air throughout the space, the machine must run four times in a single hour. To guarantee that the air quality is always fresh, the fan speed will turn on every 15 minutes.

The C545 can readily handle medium- to large-sized rooms in terms of power. While C555 has a CADR of 234.33CFM, C545 has an average CADR of 240.33CFM.

These two numbers are more than sufficient to evenly distribute the air throughout the space. Sitting close to either air purifier will also provide you with a tiny breeze that is cold, depending on the fan speed.

Smart Sensors

These features that are integrated into the Winix C545 and C555 control panels both determine and keep track of indoor air quality. The air quality indicator then visibly shows the changes it detects in the quality of the air on the control panel.

Timer Button

On the control panel, Winix C555 has a timer button as opposed to Winix C545. Winix air purifier control panel can be set to run for a predetermined amount of time, such as one hour, four hours, or eight hours.

Remote Control

Winix C545 does not come with a remote control as compared to Winix C555, which comes with a remote control that can be controlled up to a radius of up to 20M. The remote is used to switch the air purifier on and off, control the fan speed, and permit auto mode.

Wi-Fi enabled

Winix C545 vs C555 Wi-Fi enabled

Winix C545 can be controlled with a smartphone and is also wifi-enabled, in contrast to the Winix C555. Using the mobile phone Winix app, Winix C545 may be managed from anywhere in the world. Thus, using an Android phone device, you can do the following tasks on a Winix C545 remotely:

  • Air quality indoors and outdoors can be remotely monitored
  • Set timers for the duration of the Winix C545 device’s operation
  • Plan the timing of the Winix C545 air purifier use
  • Wirelessly activate various modes, such as sleep mode, or auto mode, without touching the control panel.
  • The Winix C545 is also Alexa-compatible.


How long does the filter last on the Winix C545?

Pre-filters last between two and five years, depending on usage and upkeep, as opposed to the Hepa filter, which needs to be replaced every 12 months depending on fan speed and power.

For optimum performance, the activated carbon filter should be changed after every three months. The Winix workshop can fix any damage, and Plasma Wave technology lasts as long as the gadget is in good condition.

Can I control Winix C545 with Alexa and Google?

Yes. Winix C545 can be controlled with Google and Alexa, but it cannot be controlled with Siri and Google Assistant.

How Effective is Plasma Wave?

Any Winix air purifier’s primary air filtering system uses the Plasma Wave technology, which is efficient against a variety of airborne contaminants. Live influenza (flu) virus testing conducted independently for Plasma Wave revealed that 99.96% of the infection was neutralized in just 60 minutes, making a Winix model an effective air purifier than any other air purifier.

Does Winix detect Mold?

Winix has a special feature called Hepa filter which functions to filter out mold particles as small as 0.3 microns, together with 99.97% of other air pollutants like pet dander.

Final Verdict

Winix air purifiers have amazing features which aid in improving indoor air quality. Although it is challenging to choose between the Winix C545 vs C555, as the best air purifier ultimately, it comes down to your intended usage for the air purifier and your budget.

The Winix C555 air purifier is an option for users seeking a 5-stage air purifier. But Winix C545 in our opinion is still the winner in this competition.

Winix C545
Despite Winix C545's lack of a traditional timer button like most air purifiers, they have smart features like auto mode and can be connected to smart devices for remote control. These purifiers use effective four-stage filtration and can be connected to the Winix smart app.

Which air purifier impressed you the most? Please share with us in the comments.